Intermediate Care Facilities

Nestled in communities throughout the state, REM Ohio’s Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) offer personalized support for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as other complex challenges.  Through our community-based ICFs—otherwise known as group homes—we provide:

  • Individualized services to help adults become more independent
  • Specialized support for individuals who have physical or behavioral challenges
  • Countless opportunities to help individuals learn, grow and thrive in their community.  

Individualized Services

Impeccably maintained, our Intermediate Care Facilities are warm and inviting.  They offer individualized services and 24/7 emergency medical support in a place that the residents can truly call home.  Each of our ICFs is home to four to eight adults and offers a range of services, including:

  • Assistance with life skills (hygiene, cooking, cleaning)
  • Social skills development
  • Structured Activities
  • Coordination of medical services
  • Coordination of professional services
  • Transportation
  • Community events
  • Medication Management

We get to know each person in our ICFs and develop Individualized Service Plans that incorporate specific activities and skills-training.  Medical case managers (who are licensed nurses) evaluate and work closely with each individual to ensure comprehensive medical and nutritional care in our ICFs.  The case managers also work closely with various medical professionals as necessary.

Community Integration

At REM Ohio we believe that, with the right supports, everyone can thrive in the community.  We offer positive, engaging experiences and encourage the adults in our homes to be active members of the community.  Our staff accompanies individuals on walks, trips to nearby cities and landmarks, and other engaging community events.

Quality You Can Trust

We take pride in the quality of our programs.  As with all of our services, our Intermediate Care Facilities are carefully monitored by our quality assurance professionals who ensure the health, safety and happiness of each person we support.  Family members and friends can rest assured that their loved ones are receiving expert clinical supports and compassionate care from our experienced team of health and human service professionals.

Flexible, Personalized Program

We offer support for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and can assist you in linkage to funding sources and payment options.

REM Ohio is CARF accredited, demonstrating our commitment to a high quality of service for the people we serve.  For more information on REM Ohio’s programs and services, please e-mail us or contact your local office